The Thousand Hands Sutra, Week 3



Here is the audio recap of this week’s Dharma talk about the Thousand Hands Sutra. It’s such a nice guide to spiritual and personal growth, reinforcing that we are inherently complete, and endowed with a connection to everything we need to grow and develop. The audio file and text are below. Go ahead and take a listen, and if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to post them in the comments section.

with palms together,
Chong Go

The great saving power of all Buddhas
becomes the saving power of my one mind.
With it I can live every day free of entanglements.
So wonderful!

The compassionate hands of all Buddhas
are the hands of my one mind.
Their touch harmonizes all seen and unseen realms.
How can words express my gratitude?

The bright eyes of all Buddhas
are the eyes of my one mind.
Through their vision
see the entire universe as truly is,
and by clearly seeing the dead,
fully understand the living.

The deep sincerity of all Buddhas
is the sincerity of my one mind.
It always brightly leads me
using all manner of seen and unseen methods.

With infinite compassion
it reveals the precious truth
of how everything in the universe flows.

The mind of all Buddhas functions
together with my one mind.
Endowed with everything,
encompassing everything,
it is utterly complete.

My past, present, and future
consciousness all become one.
Completely let go of everything,
and even this “one” disappears.



4 thoughts on “The Thousand Hands Sutra, Week 3”

  1. There is a character in Leo Tolstoy’s “Resurrection” who basically speaks the truth of Dharma and I remember this story from childhood, however I don’t remember this, just recently I stumble upon it and was totally surprised by the words, how it was in the open, yet not many could see. It is like that with Dharma, it is always with us, it is in the open, but not easy to see even if it is easy to see. Here are the words from “Resurrection” :

    “It’s just because men believe others and do not believe themselves that there are different faiths. I also believed others, and lost myself as in a swamp,—lost myself so that I had no hope of finding my way out………..every faith praises itself only, and so they all creep about like blind puppies. There are many faiths, but the spirit is one—in me and in you and in him. So that if every one believes himself all will be united. Every one be himself, and all will be as one ……..
    …they persecute me. They seize me, and take me before the courts and before the priests, …… Once they put me into a madhouse; but they can do nothing because I am free. …… I have given up everything: I have no name, no place, no country, nor anything. I am just myself. ‘What is your name?’ ‘Man.’ ‘How old are you?’ I say, ‘I do not count my years and cannot count them, because I always was, I always shall be…”

    Just saying this because sometimes it takes many years to see that what was right in front of you all along…

    Thank you for the Dharma talks.

    1. Hi Anders, great question! I suspect I need to put together a wikipedia page about this sutra. But for now, I addressed this topic a bit in the next talk. If you’d like to know more, message me and I can send you a paper I did.

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