Day 26 – This interconnected world

As the political system gathers speed in the US, we see people placing there hope in the idea that the right leader will help people behave correctly. While there’s some truth buried in that, the real thing that will change our world is each of us working at brightening our minds.

When we bring ourselves back into harmony with the way things truly are, then, it’s as if we give off a light, or an incense fragrance, that helps others move in tune with this as well. Without us doing anything else, it helps the people around us feel their connection to others a bit more, and helps them approach the world a bit more harmoniously.

If you want to see the world improve, work on returning everything back to your foundation. The light that gives off will help guide all beings, both living and dead.

Reciting these verses from the Thousand Hands Sutra out loud helps because in so doing, we are teaching ourselves these principles, both our conscious mind as well as all the lives that make up our bodies.

The source of the entire universe is our one mind;
it guides every single thing
in this interconnected world.

온 우주의 근본도 내 한마음이 근본이니,
둘이 아닌 세상을 똑바로 지도하도다.

Day 23 – The foundations of the Earth

Today’s section of The Thousand Hands Sutra is actually the first line of a nice verse, but, each line is so good just by itself that I’ve posted them separately over the next three days. It’s just one simple line, only eight words, but how much power is in there if we begin to connect with the truth of this, and function from that understanding?

The foundation of the Earth is my one mind,

천지의 근본도 내 한마음이 근본이요,

Day 21 – Utterly complete

I hope everyone has been having a nice Autumn! Here in Korea, we’ve had unusually clear and blue skies as the weather has begun to cool. I try to not be too picky, but I could get used to this!
Traditionally, there are two ways to study/memorize a text. One is to recite it over and again, and the other is to mindfully write it out. Either works fines, although reciting is probably easier with these short pieces of text, just because we don’t have to find paper and pen! But the point is that as we do so, we input them deep within us, where they can come back out when we are in need of their message. Just think about today’s, “my one mind is utterly complete”. How often in our day are we looking at things from the base of “I’m incomplete” or “there’s something wrong with me”?
Where there’s always things we can strive to work on, it’s not a bad idea to remember that though I still have room to grow, we are inherently connected to completeness, as it were. Our foundation is completeness, so as our starting point, that’s where we should return all those thoughts that have an underlying air of “I’m incomplete.” Let that completeness address them and then, if something’s necessary, we can start from there.

Endowed with everything,
encompassing everything,
my one mind is utterly complete.

그 만족함 광대무변하도다

You’re the one in charge

Here’s a short Dharma talk from Daehaeng Kun Sunim. One of the points that she would emphasise was that we’re the one’s in charge of our fate, as it were. She would often say that this body we have is the result of the karmic affinity we’ve made, but not because she wanted to blame anyone.

Rather, I suspect, she wanted to stop people from blaming others, because it denies that we are interconnected, as well as being a giant waste of time. And, if our body and situation now are what we made in the past, then we are the ones who have the power to make our future! If we made this, then, we can make that.

Be careful not to try to make designs that are just reflections of your fixed ideas, though. Try to visualize a more positive direction, along with specifics if the situation is urgent, but then entrust that to your foundation, but that energy is where the big picture is known, for lack of better words.

You’re the One in Charge

You’re the one in charge of how you are born,
not your parents.
Whether your physical and spiritual level is high or low
is all up to you.
So take this precious, tangible body that’s formed
from the karmic affinity you created,
and, with the opportunity it provides,
work to deepen your faith in your intangible, true self.
For that is the energy that can do anything,
that can create anything.

— Daehaeng Kun Sunim

사람이 태어나는 것은

사람 이 태어나는 것은 부모의 소관이 아니라
자기 소관입니다. 차원이 높고 얕고 그런 것도
다 자기 소관입니다.
그러니까 자기가 모습 있는 인연을 따라서 받은
소중한 그 모습으로 보이지 않는 자기를
진짜로 믿어야 합니다.
그것이 바로 색색 가지로 만법을 행할 수
있게 하는 에너지입니다.