1000 Hands Sutra, week 4


One of the lanterns for Buddha’s Birthday

Here’s this week’s talk about the Thousand Hands Sutra. It goes back over the last three verses from last week, and after those I talk about the history of the Thousand Hands Sutra for a while. I was talking without notes, so if there’s some aspect you’d like to know about in more detail, go ahead and ask in the comments. Thanks!



1 thought on “1000 Hands Sutra, week 4”

  1. you didn’t comment much on the “even this ‘one ‘ disappears”, saying you don’t quite know it, but I think you do – it is the final stage of getting out of slumber of samsara, you don’t have to be fully enlightened Buddha to appreciate it, it is the utterly freeing and the last shell, the unimaginable from a regular human perspective, but the ultimate potential inherent within all, this one cannot be let go of by letting go as the initial letting-go’s, but it is the result of previous letting-go’s. Limitless.

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