The Thousand Hands Sutra, week 5


Hi everyone! Here’s the link and text to this week’s talk about the Thousand Hands Sutra.

( I’m working on putting together a system for better quality recordings, and I think I’m at the stage where I need to work on a sound booth of sorts. If anyone has any experience with this, suggestions are welcome! )



The foundation of the Earth
is our one mind,
The foundation of the sun
is our one mind,
How could there be something
not taken care of
by our one mind?

The source of the entire universe
is our one mind;
it guides every single thing
in this interconnected world.

All minds are one,
it manifests every moment
and shows me the path.

The foundation of the universe
is my one mind.
It manifests every instant
illuminating the path for all beings,
both those with life and without.

My one mind is the root of all things.
All things arise from it,
so all things I will completely entrust to it.
This letting go
fills my heart with light.

Inherently there is no path to find,
nor obstacles to overcome.
One mind is the foundation,
so just as it is,
it is truth
and fully present throughout my life.

Knowing that the wisdom
and enlightenment of all Buddhas
is my one mind,
I fully trust my one mind
and follow its compassionate guidance.

3 thoughts on “The Thousand Hands Sutra, week 5”

  1. (what do you think about youtube channel? A video is much better than audio, it is more engaging to look at the person when they talk, youtube channel is easier to organize, easier to listen too, you can put all Dharma talks in one place. What do you say to that? You can do just audio on youtube too if you don’t want to show your face or something, but it would be nice to have youtube channel rather than disconnected google audio files.) –

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