Week 2 of the Thousand Hands Sutra


We had the second Dharma talk about the 1000 Hands Sutra last night. Somehow, “Sutra” makes it sound hard to approach or difficult, but this text is very straight forward. It talks about spiritual growth in easy words and concepts (the effort may still be hard, but that’s up to you! 🙂 ) The main point again is that not only are we inherently complete, but that we also have access to all the resources we need. Here’s the text, as well as the audio file for this talk. (This is actually a re-recording, and I’m still figuring out this recording/editing thing, so please bear with me! It’s improving, I promise!)


(audio file)


(Text covered in today’s talk)

The minds of all Buddhas are
fully present
within my one mind.
Buddha’s mind is realized in an instant.
Not knowing this instant
causes an eternity of suffering.

The minds of all Buddhas are my mind.
Nothing I see, hear, or do
exists apart from
the truth they realized.

My one mind itself is the Buddha-dharma,
present throughout all aspects of my life.

If I truly awaken,
all directions burst open
and everything is utterly complete
just as it is.

All things that arise
all things that I do
I will entrust to my one mind
for it is doing everything.
(repeated three times)

The minds of all Buddhas are my one
mind, so I ask my one mind
to take care of everything in my life.

the Bodhisattva of Compassion,
who hears the cries of all the world,
resides within my one mind.
How can I express my gratitude?

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