The Thousand Hands Sutra, week 5


Hi everyone! Here’s the link and text to this week’s talk about the Thousand Hands Sutra.

( I’m working on putting together a system for better quality recordings, and I think I’m at the stage where I need to work on a sound booth of sorts. If anyone has any experience with this, suggestions are welcome! )



The foundation of the Earth
is our one mind,
The foundation of the sun
is our one mind,
How could there be something
not taken care of
by our one mind?

The source of the entire universe
is our one mind;
it guides every single thing
in this interconnected world.

All minds are one,
it manifests every moment
and shows me the path.

The foundation of the universe
is my one mind.
It manifests every instant
illuminating the path for all beings,
both those with life and without.

My one mind is the root of all things.
All things arise from it,
so all things I will completely entrust to it.
This letting go
fills my heart with light.

Inherently there is no path to find,
nor obstacles to overcome.
One mind is the foundation,
so just as it is,
it is truth
and fully present throughout my life.

Knowing that the wisdom
and enlightenment of all Buddhas
is my one mind,
I fully trust my one mind
and follow its compassionate guidance.

1000 Hands Sutra, week 4


One of the lanterns for Buddha’s Birthday

Here’s this week’s talk about the Thousand Hands Sutra. It goes back over the last three verses from last week, and after those I talk about the history of the Thousand Hands Sutra for a while. I was talking without notes, so if there’s some aspect you’d like to know about in more detail, go ahead and ask in the comments. Thanks!


The Thousand Hands Sutra, Week 3



Here is the audio recap of this week’s Dharma talk about the Thousand Hands Sutra. It’s such a nice guide to spiritual and personal growth, reinforcing that we are inherently complete, and endowed with a connection to everything we need to grow and develop. The audio file and text are below. Go ahead and take a listen, and if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to post them in the comments section.

with palms together,
Chong Go

The great saving power of all Buddhas
becomes the saving power of my one mind.
With it I can live every day free of entanglements.
So wonderful!

The compassionate hands of all Buddhas
are the hands of my one mind.
Their touch harmonizes all seen and unseen realms.
How can words express my gratitude?

The bright eyes of all Buddhas
are the eyes of my one mind.
Through their vision
see the entire universe as truly is,
and by clearly seeing the dead,
fully understand the living.

The deep sincerity of all Buddhas
is the sincerity of my one mind.
It always brightly leads me
using all manner of seen and unseen methods.

With infinite compassion
it reveals the precious truth
of how everything in the universe flows.

The mind of all Buddhas functions
together with my one mind.
Endowed with everything,
encompassing everything,
it is utterly complete.

My past, present, and future
consciousness all become one.
Completely let go of everything,
and even this “one” disappears.



Week 2 of the Thousand Hands Sutra


We had the second Dharma talk about the 1000 Hands Sutra last night. Somehow, “Sutra” makes it sound hard to approach or difficult, but this text is very straight forward. It talks about spiritual growth in easy words and concepts (the effort may still be hard, but that’s up to you! 🙂 ) The main point again is that not only are we inherently complete, but that we also have access to all the resources we need. Here’s the text, as well as the audio file for this talk. (This is actually a re-recording, and I’m still figuring out this recording/editing thing, so please bear with me! It’s improving, I promise!)


(audio file)

(Text covered in today’s talk)

The minds of all Buddhas are
fully present
within my one mind.
Buddha’s mind is realized in an instant.
Not knowing this instant
causes an eternity of suffering.

The minds of all Buddhas are my mind.
Nothing I see, hear, or do
exists apart from
the truth they realized.

My one mind itself is the Buddha-dharma,
present throughout all aspects of my life.

If I truly awaken,
all directions burst open
and everything is utterly complete
just as it is.

All things that arise
all things that I do
I will entrust to my one mind
for it is doing everything.
(repeated three times)

The minds of all Buddhas are my one
mind, so I ask my one mind
to take care of everything in my life.

the Bodhisattva of Compassion,
who hears the cries of all the world,
resides within my one mind.
How can I express my gratitude?