The Seven Homages Day 11 – this great one mind

I *think* this section is referring to Arhats, from a historical point of view, but I’m not completely sure. At any rate, it still applies to us, and our potential. It still describes what happens when we make diligent effort. It still reminds us of the all embracing nature of our foundation, and this connected energy we share, and can share, with everyone.

In this great one mind that embraces every place,
where body and mind are empty,
1,200 beings kept themselves clear and upright,
practiced without ceasing,
and so attained the great awakening,
the ultimate awakening,
and with the power of one mind,
share limitless compassion with the myriad beings of the world,
saving them all.

시방에 육신과 마음이 공한 한마음,
스스로 청정하게 끝없이 이루니
천이백 분이 모두 큰 한 경지를 이루시어
한마음의 능력으로 끝간 데 없이 무량한 자비를 베푸시니
일체 중생을 거두심이라

The Seven Homages Day 9 – I vow to brighten and follow my compassionate one mind

“Sharing the same life, the same body, the same mind, working together as one, and giving and receiving whatever is needed.”

With my whole heart,
I vow to brighten and follow my compassionate one mind,
my source,
limitless and endowed with everything.

제 마음을 다 바쳐서, 영원히 둥글어 끝이 없는 한마음 깊이 자부를 받들어 밝히니,

The Seven Homages Day 8 – the great Bodhisattva that takes care of all beings

This is such a good verse! Recite it and let it just percolate down within you, and see how you feel.

This fundamental mind is the great Bodhisattva,
that takes care of all beings,
both living and dead,
and my own body as well.

근본 마음은 일체 만물만생과 더불어 내 몸도 보살핌이니 보살마하살이니라.

The Seven Homages Day 7 – everything venerates this fundamental mind

There are probably *a lot* of nuances in this verse, but one of the most straightforward ones is that everything naturally loves this fundamental mind, because we are all connected to it. It is the source of us all. So every life and thing unconsciously feels drawn to it.

Everything venerates this fundamental mind.

일체가 마음 근본을 존경하며,

The Seven Homages Day 6 – like attracts like

This is an interesting verse. The “only” might be a touch too far, but still, it seems to be the point that you have to want to find it, to know it, in order to do so. If you aren’t raising the intention that you want to know this for yourself, even if you do encounter it, you would just slide by, I think. Raising the intention puts things in motion, in my experience. It’s the difference between just sitting someone being thirsty, half wishing you had water, and actually getting up to get some. Or to at least ask someone nearby for some water. If you don’t ask, they’d never know you were thirsty. Give rise to a firm intention, and then let it deeply sink down within you.

This foundation of ours,
is found only by those who cherish its fragrance.

마음의 근본은 근본을 존경하는 마음속 깊이 계시기에

The Seven Homages Day 3

With my whole heart,
I vow to be present in the world, and with all embracing wisdom,
will realize the truth that is ever present.
Thus awakened,
a single thought raised from my foundation can free whomever I encounter.
This is manifesting the Dharma.

제 마음을 다 바쳐서
이 세상에 사람으로 걸림없는 지혜로
온 누리에 항상한 진리를 통달하여,
한 생각에 일쳬를 제도하시니 달마야중 이니라.

The Seven Homages Day 2

With my whole heart,
I vow to remain calm and unstained by whatever confronts me,
taking care of it all while leaving behind no traces of myself.
This is fulfilling the role of a Buddha.

제 마음을 다 바쳐서
시방 삼세 주인으로 걸림없는 침착한 지혜로
온 누리에 항상하여 함이 없이 떳떳하니 불타야중 이니라.