It’s Buddha’s Birthday!

It’s Buddha’s Birthday here in Korea, and we’ve just finished up the noon service. There will be a lantern lighting ceremony at 7pm (which will be broadcast live, Korea time, on YouTube) tonight, Monday, and Tuesday. Here are some photos from last year, as well as years past. (If you don’t see masks, then its pre 2020!)

Instead of a “Bathing the Buddha” ceremony, we offer the six nurturing offerings. These are water, tea, rice, incense, flowers, and light.
The ceremony is broadcast live, and features a video Dharma talk from Daehaeng Kun Sunim, usually a talk given on Buddha’s Birthday.

This is a pre-covid photo, but there are still a lot of people! All day long I’ve been hearing the whistles of the traffic cops directing people and cars.
At night, as the hanging lanterns are lit.

Getting ready for a lot of lunches! Bibimbap for everyone!

The rice offering.

The head of the Seon Center’s foundation, Hye Su Sunim, who was Daehaeng Kun Sunim’s attendant for 30+ years.

Concluding with an encouragement to practice diligently.

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