A Dharma Talk for Buddha’s Birthday

(Here’s a Dharma talk given on Buddha’s Birthday. The basic aspects that this talk doesn’t cover are to first have faith in this inner light that we all have, and to work at entrusting it with whatever comes up as we go forward doing our best.)

Buddha’s Birthday Dharma Talk by Daehaeng Kun Sunim
(originally given in 1994)

All the creatures and things of this world
are the manifestation of Buddha.
Every thought that arises from our foundation
is the Buddha’s great meaning.
Each of us is fully embraced by Buddha’s mind,
thus we already have within us this eternal light
that never wavers,
so open your inner eye and escape from darkness!

Being able to truly take care of whatever you encounter
is the real path forward.
The fragrance of one mind permeates everything far and wide,
so wake up from the sleep of ignorance,
and go forward with true sincerity,
taking care things
with hands that aren’t hands,
on feet that aren’t feet.

The cycle of life and death
and nirvana are not two,
Buddhas and unenlightened beings are not two,
wisdom and afflictions are not two,
and if you deeply awaken to what this means
and can put it into action,
you can taste the life giving waters of your true nature,
and you will know that Buddha’s birthday was not a onetime thing.
You will truly know that Buddha appears in the world every instant.

Let us raise high this radiant lotus lantern
and under its light,
may we all bring forth the light within us,
becoming one with all Buddhas,
may we raise the great desire that all beings
escape from suffering and live comfortably,
and may we all awaken together and become truly free!

On this Buddha’s Birthday,
may all beings hearing this Dharma talk brighten the light within them!

We pay homage to Shakyamuni Buddha,
We pay homage to the inherent Buddha within us,
We pay homage to the foundation within us that is our teacher,
and none other than Shakyamuni Buddha.

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