Hanging Lanterns for Buddha’s Birthday

We had kind of a fun project here at the Seon Center in Anyang today! We started at 7 am and hung the lanterns for Buddha’s Birthday. It’s May 27 this year. (April 7 on the lunar calendar. Everything was mostly finished by 8:30. It goes fast when you have a couple of hundred people! My thanks to Hoon Park for these photos!

This Sunday, May 7 at 7pm, we’ll be having the opening ceremony for the big parade lanterns. This should be broadcast live on the Seon Center’s youtube channel. Given that this is a little buried, I’ll go ahead and make a separate post for this in a couple of days. I hope everyone’s been well!

1 thought on “Hanging Lanterns for Buddha’s Birthday”

  1. So impressive. And very touching. Light for the Buddha!
    And may there be light in people’s hearts and mind _/\_

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