Sunday Photo; Hanmaum Dharma Hall Mandala

I found this technique for making 360 panoramic landscape images but decided it would be a great tool for making mandalas.

I made about 70 of these using different images from Hanmaum and chose this one in the end. It’s made from the first image I used for Sunday Photos here, so thought it was a good choice.

Clicking on the photo will link to the gallery, there are some really neat ones of the nuns circling the courtyard pagoda and some of just the pagoda as well.

Hope you enjoy!

Sunday Photo; Dharma Hall at Hyang Il Hermitage

Here’s a seaside temple for Evelyn ^_^

I tried to to merge these two pics together but couldn’t get the sky to match very well… but thought it gave a better idea of the setting. (just ignore that ugly line, if you can!)

Hyangil Hermitage is a famous spot to watch the sunrise. There are little guesthouses below the rocky path to the temple. I heard they’ll lend you a flash little for the walk up.

Sunday Photo; Sinheungsa, Seorak Mountain


The color of blue-dark clouds, glistening,
cooled with the waters
of clear-flowing streams
covered with ladybugs:
those rocky crags
refresh me.

I shared this poem on my own blog on Friday, but loved it so much, I’d like to share it here as well.

It’s taken from the Theragatha, a collection of 264 poems in which the early monks recount their struggles and accomplishments along the path to enlightenment.

Nonviolent Communication group, in Seoul

I just thought I’d share this with those of you in the Seoul area, there is a Nonviolent Communication (NVC) practice group in Seoul.

A friend of mine has been involved with the group for a few years and what she’s told me of her learning has been very inspirational. (Especially considering that of all the things that come out of our bodies, words can be some of the most troubling!)

On their website (, nonviolent communication is described as, “a way of relating to ourselves and others, moment to moment, free of past reactions.”

A big part of NVC is actually learning to listen, to understand the other’s needs as much as learning to express your own.

For more information on the group, here is a link: What We Do

And if you’d like to visit: Direction