Sunday Photo; Sinheungsa, Seorak Mountain


The color of blue-dark clouds, glistening,
cooled with the waters
of clear-flowing streams
covered with ladybugs:
those rocky crags
refresh me.

I shared this poem on my own blog on Friday, but loved it so much, I’d like to share it here as well.

It’s taken from the Theragatha, a collection of 264 poems in which the early monks recount their struggles and accomplishments along the path to enlightenment.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Photo; Sinheungsa, Seorak Mountain”

  1. Quite gorgeous, as Marcus says.
    On the other hand i always get stressed by mountains in front of me , having the feeling i have to run and climb them to finally get a clear view around. maybe it is because my zodiac sign is ‘balance’ – an air element;)

    1. you’d be pleased to find there’s a cable car that brings you nearly to the top of that hill.

      the main peak is a long, long hike though! ^_^

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