Sunday Photo; Dharma Hall at Hyang Il Hermitage

Here’s a seaside temple for Evelyn ^_^

I tried to to merge these two pics together but couldn’t get the sky to match very well… but thought it gave a better idea of the setting. (just ignore that ugly line, if you can!)

Hyangil Hermitage is a famous spot to watch the sunrise. There are little guesthouses below the rocky path to the temple. I heard they’ll lend you a flash little for the walk up.

1 thought on “Sunday Photo; Dharma Hall at Hyang Il Hermitage”

  1. ahhh – great! my place 😉
    (and i’m good at ignoring lines;))

    Mentioning the the sunrises brings me to Trunga’s comparison between ‘dawn of the sun’ and ‘setting sun’ – he says,
    ‘The vision of the Great Eastern Sun is based on celebrating life. It is contrasted to the setting sun that is going down and dissolving into darkness. The setting-sun vision is is based on trying to ward off the concept of death, trying to save ourselves from dying. The setting-sun point of view is based on fear.

    Great Eastern Sun vision, on the other hand, is based on appreciating ourselves and appreciating our world, so it is a very gentle approach. Because we appreciate the world, we don’t make a mess in it. We take care of our bodies, we take care of our minds, and we take care of our world.’
    Chögyam Trungpa, The Sacred Path of the Warrior

    Hyangil Hermitage seems to be a perfect place to contemplate on that.
    THANKS, Joseph:))

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