Sunday Photo; Hanmaum Dharma Hall Mandala

I found this technique for making 360 panoramic landscape images but decided it would be a great tool for making mandalas.

I made about 70 of these using different images from Hanmaum and chose this one in the end. It’s made from the first image I used for Sunday Photos here, so thought it was a good choice.

Clicking on the photo will link to the gallery, there are some really neat ones of the nuns circling the courtyard pagoda and some of just the pagoda as well.

Hope you enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Sunday Photo; Hanmaum Dharma Hall Mandala”

    1. Actually, I think Buddhist mandalas usually have 4 sides, but this reminded me of the Dharma Wheel with 8 spokes, representing the 8 fold path.

  1. Hi what wonderful images.

    ‘Hanmaum Journal’ where and how can one subscribe for this Magazine. I could find no link on the Hanmaum Seon Center website. Then again I am not that internet savvy 🙂

    Cheers Michael

    1. Hello Michael, you can subscribe by writing to Hanmaum in Anyang…. but the journal is all in Korean with just a couple of pages in English. And most of the English material Chong Go Sunim ensures gets put up on this blog eventually anyway! So unless you read Korean, I wouldn’t worry about it!
      All the best,

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