In praise of our Buddha-nature

This is a tiny section of the morning bell chant. We do it everyday, but in the older, Chinese character version, so it’s nice for me, too, to read this again in English. Just this one piece, even without the rest of it, it so good. If we just truly did this, can you imagine how much we would grow, and how sweet our lives would be?!

In praise of our Buddha-nature
I vow to always follow one mind,
regardless of what others may do.
My heart will always be with one mind,
my thoughts will never leave one mind.

Deeply observing the Dharma realm,
I realize that there is an unseen thread
that connects absolutely everything.
This non-dual one mind exists in every single place.

In order to awaken and perceive this,
which has always been here,
I take refuge in one mind,
ever present, taking care of everything throughout all realms.
This is not something that can disappear or be caused to appear.
Namu Amitabul

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