New (small) ebook!

We have a new (35 page) ebook out! This is a nice book about the basics of, well, everything important! lol. Here are the links, as well as the table of contents. We’ve printed this book in Korea, so if you’re here, we can send you a print copy in English or Korean, but due to shipping problems arising from Covid, we currently can’t ship paper books overseas.

epub format Kindle (mobi) format (A basic “ereader” app for your phone or tablet will open and read these files, if you aren’t already using an ereader.)

Table of contents:
Your True Worth!
What is spiritual practice?
Why bother with it?
Some cautionary points about spiritual practice

Section 1: Common Buddhist ideas and their deeper meaning
1. Buddhism and Buddha
2. Mind, One Mind, and Juingong
3. My True Reality

Section 2: Basic principles that make spiritual growth possible
1. The Principle of Non-Duality
2. The Principle of Ever Flowing – Emptiness
3. The Principle of Cause and Effect
4. Samsara and Evolution

2 thoughts on “New (small) ebook!”

  1. It is always a great joy to see new translations! But by the content it seems to be from the previous books, is it? I really liked the last few books, i love all of them, but those latest several ones were especially so impactful, with detailed instructions on how-to. So grateful! Just wish i could be better at applying ( tired of suffering) . Will definitely get this new ebook though

  2. I’m so happy that you’ve found them helpful!
    This project was done with the intention of providing a quick introduction to some of the basic ideas, but it wasn’t taken (intentionally!) from the other books.

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