Week 4 of the Daejangbu Project – Evolving our level of thinking, and connecting with the energy of the whole.

How’s that for a title! Lol.
The whole idea of “Great being” (Daejangbu) is not a sense of superiority, but rather that we learn to live, to grow, beyond the animal habits that have gotten us this far. Instead of just repeating the patterns that have (sort of) worked for us up to this point, we are working at getting in touch with this energy of the whole, and trying to live in tune with this great flowing energy.

Week 4 of the Daejangbu Project – Evolution and learning to connect with the whole

“As your practice of letting go and relying upon your foundation becomes deeper, you will go through innumerable strange and weird experiences. It’s not remotely possible for me to describe them all. How could a few words grasp this flowing that is life? If you’re walking along and you find something blocking your way, you move it or go around. You just do this and continue on.

“I’ve told you that when you unconditionally entrust something to your foundation, it responds to that because everything shares the same fundamental connection. It’s this response that’s sometimes called “Bodhisattva.”  But this “Bodhisattva” functions according to the needs of the whole, and ordinary people are unable to see the overall picture.

“So when you’re dealing with all the ordinary, little things of daily life, it’s best to let go of your opinions about how they should go, and just unconditionally entrust that situation. Do this, and let go of any stray thoughts of “me” or “I did.”

“Take it all, whether it’s pleasant or unpleasant, going well or not, and entrust it there. Just go forward like this, doing your best to take care of things as they arise. If it seems like you’re surrounded by filthy water, or even clean water, don’t fall into blame or resentment. Just entrust it all to your foundation. Then it can change into water that’s useful to you.”

(From Finding a Way Forward, pages 33-35. This Dharma talk is also included in the collection, Sharing the Same Heart, which combines the English text of this Dharma talk as well as two others. This edition is also easier to find outside of Korea.)

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