Week 5 of the Daejangbu Project – Living the life of a truly free person!

“Become a great being, who’s the most ordinary person, yet also the most extraordinary.” (Daehaeng Kun Sunim with Hye Su Sunim)

So at last, I’ve done the Dharma talk for the fifth (and last) week of the Daejangbu Project! This was a bit of review, but also covered the second version of the song “A Great Being”.

There’s actually two rather different songs with this same name, one is called “A Great Being(I)” and the other is called “A Great Being(II).” So while it might seem like there’s a certain lack of creativity in the title, (lol), they are kind of bookends, with the first song showing what it takes to evolve and grow to truly become a great being, while the second describes one’s functioning at this level.

audio file of the English Dharma talk

A Great Being (version 2)

This mountain, that mountain,
great mountain, green mountain.
Stepping down into the world,
reaching up and grabbing heaven and earth,
making them my hat,
hanging the moon and sun from my staff,
taking a drink of clear water.
This life of one who has truly awakened,
what more could anyone want?

This mountain, that mountain,
great mountain, green mountain.
Gathering all the loose strands together,
forming them into a top knot,
using my staff as a hair pin
to hold them all steady.

Oh, what more could anyone want,
than this life of a free person?

Looking up at the sky
as I strike the earth with my staff,
a pillar of energy rises up
and penetrates the heavens,
and the heavens begin to rotate around this pillar.

Pierced and connected by this lion’s pillar of fire
is every being in the universe.
Crossing back and forth between the realms of the
living and the dead,
flowing with the truth,
nothing left undone,
this life of a truly awakened one.

1 thought on “Week 5 of the Daejangbu Project – Living the life of a truly free person!”

  1. So beautiful this song, reading these word made tears flow. I met Kun Sunim in person once she didn’t look ordinary to me, she lookd so extraordinary beautiful, so radiant with light, and not like on pictures, so beautiful and young, it was shocking (in a good way) to see that.
    There is another deep meaning in this song, about sun and moon, that is another amazing thing that I saw in her when I met her, it took me awhile to comprehend that, after some learning of Tibetan Buddhist teachings. On the pictures Kun Sunim looks ordinary, but when I saw her with my eyes, she looked extraordinary, out of this world, in this world but not of this world. I so much wish more people would know about these teachings. Kun Sunim’s teachings, for me these teachings tie teachings of all spiritual traditions into one. In 11th century there lived Tibetan yogi Milarepa, his songs are most ordinary and most extraordinart, they helped me greatly to understand Kun Sunim’s teachings better and KunSunim’s teachings helped me understand Milarepa better. Thank you, ChongGo sunim, for your Dharma talks, really wish you were here, so many people would’ve been happy to hear these Dharma talks in person.

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