The Daejangbu Project – Everything’s changing, so go forward fearlessly!

Hi everyone, here’s the Dharma talk from the third week of this series. As the title says, “fearlessness” is the thread that runs through this week’s talk. The audio file and the basic text are below. Enjoy!

The Daejangbu Project, Week 3, Dharma talk

“However, if someone else doesn’t know how this one mind works, it’s not right for you to tell them what their past life was like or what their future will bring. Telling people things like that is contrary to the path, because through mind, through just one thought, everything can be changed. Try to experience for yourself how a single thought entrusted to your foundation can transform the things in your life.

You can apply this principle to every part of your daily life, according to your level of spiritual development. So, no matter whether the things you face are big or small, don’t be afraid of any of them. Don’t be overwhelmed; stand up to them courageously and go forward. Even if the sky were to collapse and you could see no way out, you should still be able to smile at it all.”

(From Mind, Treasure House of Happiness  pp 82-85)

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