Arriving in Germany

If you are going to be in Frankfurt for the book fair, be sure to stop by and have a cup of tea. Our booth is in hall 6.0 C942.

The start of the book fair began when our flight landed in Germany on Monday evening. We made our way to the House Busan, a bed and breakfast on the edge of Frankfurt. Aside from the friendly owner, perhaps its best aspect is the Korean breakfasts. I’m happy with bread and yogurt for breakfast, but the traditional Korean breakfast was a relief to the other members of our jet-lagged team!

On Tuesday we went to the grounds of the book fair, the “Messe.” The Messe, is huge, with eleven halls, some the size of football fields. There, in Hall 6.0, we began to prepare our booth for the opening of the book fair on Wednesday. Hye Jin Sunim brought buckets of cut flowers and began preparing beautiful floral arrangements, while the team from Korea began to organize the booth and arrange the books. Meanwhile, Holger and Young Ralf worked to install a foot-wide (30cm) sign around the top of our booth, which said “Hanmaum Seonwon” and “Hanmaum Publications,” which is the name the International Culture Institute uses to publish books.

The German publishers we've met have all been truly incredible people. Gerhard and Erika, on the left, are top level editors, and Herr Lord, on the right is the head of Goldmann Arkana. You'll be hard pressed to meet more down-to-earth, spiritual people.

The booth was finally prepared at about 7pm, and everyone went to Mr. Koh’s house for dinner and a meeting. Many of the female Frankfurt members of Hanmaum Seon Center had gathered there and were working hard to prepare dinner for everyone. After eating a great meal, we discussed our plans for the next day and finally headed back to the bed and breakfast.

Wednesday opened the book fair, and was a bit of a slow day at first. Many publishers have appointments to meet other publishers, and so have no time to visit other booths. Meanwhile, we were also busy, preparing for a one-hour forum on Thursday about the Thousand Hands Sutra.

1 thought on “Arriving in Germany”

  1. Nyimo delek tsen delek
    Nyime gung yang delek shin
    Nyitsen taktu delek pel
    Kon chog sum kyi jin ghyi lob
    Kon chog sum kyi ngo drup tsol
    Kon chog sum tyi tra shi chog.

    at dawn or dusk, at night or mid-day
    may the three jewels grant us their blessings
    may they help us to achieve all realizations and
    sprinkle the path of our life with various signs of auspiciousness.

    lots of greetings and good luck to everyone!

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