Saving Avalokiteśvara

Examining the first of the Four Great Vows, “Sentient beings are numberless. We vow to save them all,” I developed a degree of empathetic compassion for the Great Bodhisattva, herself.

For centuries upon centuries, people have been calling out to the Great Bodhisattva, whether the name spoken be Avalokiteśvara, Guānshìyīn, Gwansaeum, Chenrezig, or one of the many others. In all this time, how many prayers were spoken for Avalokiteśvara, herself? I’d suppose some, but perhaps a small fraction?

For nearly 2000 years, if not more, Avalokiteśvara has selflessly put aside her own passing into Nirvana so that she may lend a helping hand (or many) to us ignorant, complacent folk. So, if I were to recognize Avalokiteśvara as part of my own vow to save the countless beings from suffering, how might I do my best to save her? By practicing as sincerely as I’m able, avoiding all evil, cultivating good, and purifying my mind.

The sooner I do this, the sooner we become Buddhas together, Avalokiteśvara and all!

7 thoughts on “Saving Avalokiteśvara”

  1. Many times I’ve called upon the Bodhisattva and many times she has responded with love and peace and quiet understanding. Of course, why didn’t I see it before, it’s obvious now, how you gave a helping hand in her response, how you yourself are one of her manifestations. Thank you Joseph.

    Kwan Seum Bosal _/\_


    1. careful, Marcus, your making me blush! *^_^*
      but, yes, she does take many forms, isn’t that the beauty! We all have our times to rely on her, and then in the next moment to be her!
      thank you,

  2. What a cool thought, Joseph! Thanks for sharing this.

    I don´t usually think of what a Bodhisattva might need, but I suppose seeing us behaving with wisdom and generousity would be welcome. 😉

  3. We might simply say, “How can I help you?” and see what appears.

    If we can keep this “How can I help?” mind, moment to moment, then we become very close to Avalokitesvara.

  4. The Dalai Lama is believed to be a manifestation of Avalokiteshvara. Seems he’s playing his role quite nicely. :^)

    1. Yes, Chenrezig.
      The Dalai Lama has a policy of greeting any Tibetan refugee who makes their way to McLeod Ganj. Appearently, many of them claim that he helped them along the way, if the where stuck in the snow or fell into a gorge. Makes you wonder…!
      Thanks for reminding me of this. :8^)

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