Noon Blessing, Day 47 – The final verse

The photos this week are from the unveiling ceremony of the central pagoda held two weeks ago at the Tongyang Hanmaum Seon Center. The corona virus kept us from having as many people as we would have liked, but it was still wonderful!

Let us always go forward,
in this life and those to come,
following the path of the bodhisattva
and thus attain ultimate enlightenment!
Let it be so!

This is the last verse of the Noon Blessing. Not short, as you know by now!

There is a thing about teachings that are aligned with how the universe truly flows – Even though we don’t see it for ourselves, just being exposed to such teachings, just trying to let them sink down within us, causes us to move a little bit more in tune with everything.

It’s not a replacement for our own efforts, but perhaps more a nudge for all the billions of lives that make up our body. A reminder of how we can live and how we can find fulfillment and meaning. And perhaps, a reminder that will pop back out into our awareness when we need it most.

2 thoughts on “Noon Blessing, Day 47 – The final verse”

  1. Since WordPress still assumes I’m someone else, (using my email!) here’s my comment, my first reaction when I opened it:

    What a striking picture!

    Then I read the text and it was, of course, wonderful and inspiring as all the rest in this series have been. But the photo really grabbed my attention!

    Palms together,


    Sent from my iPad


  2. It’s a nice photo, isn’t it? I really wish I could have been there. The Tongyang center has such a wonderful feeling; it’s also in a bit of a strange place, it’s like a bowl on a mountain top. You drive up to what looks like a small mountain, and then it opens up to a valley on a mountain top. Quite strange, really.

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