Noon Blessing, Day 46 – Untold kindnesses

The Tongyang branch of Hanmaum Seon Center

Let us never forget the kindnesses
and blessings of Buddhas and awakened teachers,
let us never forget the grace that we have received,
and thus always work to help free those beings
still lost in suffering.

One thing that we can sometimes forget, is that we are here today because of immeasurable, inconceivable kindnesses from others. Even if our life seems rough right now, we have still been the recipient of generous actions and thoughts beyond measure. There is just no other way to have evolved to this point.

So instead of looking towards where we’ve been mistreated or abused, ignored or dismissed, (an easy, easy thing to do!), remember that others have shown us unimaginable kindnesses, and focus on going forward from here. For truly, we are reborn every instant, and recreate our future every instant. There are no such thing as small thoughts. Everything contributes towards our direction, so view things positively, generously, and let it all melt down in this great furnace that is our Buddha nature. And step forward into each new moment as if you were being born into a new life.

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