Noon Blessing, Day 11 – May our hardships come to an end

This verse seems… a little short! But, it’s still nonetheless true that we need to actually raise this intention and entrust it. There’s such a huge difference between actually entrusting this idea, and just vaguely wishing things were different. The difference between wishing I had a glass of water, and actually asking someone to bring me one.

If I’m giving a talk and my mouth begins to dry up, I can stand there, hoping someone notices and thinks I might need a glass of water, or, I can stand up for myself, and quietly ask someone nearby if they could bring me one. If you ask politely, just about everyone is willing to help out! But you have to ask, you can’t expect them to be a mind reader. I find it’s the same with raising intentions and entrusting them: We have to actually raise the intention, and then entrust it. Now, it may still not immediately disappear or turn out the way we’d like, but there’s something about this process that at least lets us begin to move forward.

May our hardships come to an end.

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