Noon Blessing, Day 10 – may we always enjoy the company the virtuous and wise

When I was looking for key phrase for the title of this post, I found myself a bit stumped. Both ideas are pretty important! In truth, I suppose that having clear perceptions is the most important. And being able to clearly see the world, with our experience untainted by desire or attachments sounds wonderful, and would probably make it possible for us to grow in ways we can’t begin to imagine.

And yet…. We also learn so much when we’re hanging out with people who are virtuous and wise. If they’re not *too* far beyond our own level, there is so much inspiration in seeing how they react to things, how they deal with difficult situations and people. May we all deeply experience both these states!

May our senses and perceptions be free of desire and attachments,
and may we always enjoy the company the virtuous and wise.

1 thought on “Noon Blessing, Day 10 – may we always enjoy the company the virtuous and wise”

  1. I have a question, these things I read here are so nice, but what is existing in the world right now, what is going on in Afghanistan now and like the things in the below, quote. How to deal with that?? Can it go away??
    “ISIL has detailed its goals in its Dabiq magazine, saying it will continue to seize land and take over the entire Earth until its:
    Blessed flag…covers all eastern and western extents of the Earth, filling the world with the truth and justice of Islam and putting an end to the falsehood and tyranny of jahiliyyah [state of ignorance], even if America and its coalition despise such.
    — 5th edition of Dabiq, the Islamic State’s English-language magazine[170]
    According to German journalist Jürgen Todenhöfer, who spent ten days embedded with ISIL in Mosul, the view he kept hearing was that ISIL wants to “conquer the world”, and that all who do not believe in the group’s interpretation of the Quran will be killed. Todenhöfer was struck by the ISIL fighters’ belief that “all religions who agree with democracy have to die”,[171] and by their “incredible enthusiasm” – including enthusiasm for killing “hundreds of millions” of people”

    Can you comment on this, please?

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