Noon Blessing, Day 1 – Opening

This text is very traditional in style, and we don’t have a Korean version done specifically by Daehaeng Kun Sunim. So, it doesn’t have the unifying focus on one mind that her Korean translations have. That said, it is still a good text. If you recite this sincerely, entrusting it inwardly, you certainly won’t go wrong! One of the things I particularly like about it, is that it encourages us to think about helping the world, others, and ourselves in more broad terms.

Again, this series will include only the English, because the original text itself is all Chinese characters.

Noon Blessing (상단축원) [ during ceremonies, this is chanted by one sunim ]

All Buddhas throughout all realms,
l the limitless treasure-beings of one mind,
all the infinite Dharma net that connects all things,
both living and dead,
Please remember your great compassionate vows,
Please be present here today,
Please hear these intentions and offer your help.

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