Temple Morning Prayer Day 11 – Conclusion

This is the conclusion of the Morning Prayer, recited everyday during the early morning ceremony (4am). One of the things I really like about this type of text is that even if we can’t yet do what it talks about, we are still orienting ourselves in that direction. We are telling ourselves, and all the lives that make up our bodies, that this is the direction we want to be heading. And, moreover, this is the direction we’re looking, and as I’ve said before, we go where we look.

May even the lowest insect evolve and reach the other shore.
May we throughout all time fulfill the roles of a Bodhisattva.
May we utterly, completely, thoroughly
attain the essence of the Buddha’s teachings.
May we all attain complete and ultimate wisdom.

Namu Shakyamuni Buddha,
Namu Shakyamuni Buddha,
Namu Shakyamuni Buddha

꿈틀거리는 미물까지 피안으로 올라오게 하시고
세세생생 언제든지 보살도를 행하며
구경에는 일체 종지 다 이루고
큰 지혜 완성하여지이다 

나무 석가모니불 나무 석가모니불
나무 시아본사 석가모니불

1 thought on “Temple Morning Prayer Day 11 – Conclusion”

  1. I love this so much, wishing enlightment to absolutely everyone and every thing. I love this limitless compassion that exists and that KunSunim had and has now. I thank you so much for this postings, always happy to see email notification for it. Are you gonna post Diamond Sutra? I really wanna know KunSunim’s version of it and your commentaries. 🙏

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