Temple Morning Prayer Day 7 – May I help all beings see the path

May I help all beings see the path,
may I free them even though it takes a thousand eons,
so that they can grow and move forward,
and all attain the state of great liberation,
where there are no unenlightened beings,
nor Buddhas to save them.

이와 같이 교화하여 무량토록 제도하여
필경 부처 중생 없는 세계 이뤄지이다

2 thoughts on “Temple Morning Prayer Day 7 – May I help all beings see the path”

  1. A thousand eons??? I am not ok with that! I cannot understand this, and it gives me anxiety. Lol. Is there is anything you could explain maybe ? Here it says about a very long time, in some previous verses it said about getting enlightened all together, it contradicts for me. How am I supposed to see this? I am not sure

    1. You might be overthinking this one, lol. I can’t say for certain about everything intended here, but often when we talk about offering help, there’s an unconscious boundary or limit on how long we’ll help. I suspect the thinking tends to be “I’ll help for a while,” with “while” being minutes, hours, days, or maybe, possibly, years. But the nuance, or the reminder, in Korean might be to push us out of that limited (literally) thinking, and remind us of “unconditionally, without limits”.

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