Temple Morning Prayer Day 6 – Everyone with a connection to me

The phrasing of this first line is a little unusual, but it ultimately spoken from the perspective of being one with everything and able to manifest to and aid those who connect with you. It’s the perspective where the sense of a separate “I” that most of us carry around is gone. This doesn’t mean that there is no difference between you and others, or that you are unaware of those, but rather it’s just a very different state from what most of us think of as “me” and “you.” But not something far away, either!

Upon hearing my name, may all those still trapped
in the three evil paths
obtain relief from their suffering,
and may those who see my appearance
attain true freedom.

나의 이름 듣는 이는 삼악도의 괴로움 여의고
나의 형상 보는 이는 다 해탈을 얻게 하소서

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