The Seven Homages Day 16 – using the wisdom of one mind

There’s a lot about this verse that aligns with the new subtitled video we posted a couple of days ago. In a sense, it doesn’t matter so much if you can perfectly do this. What’s more important, for the time being, is opening yourself to the possibility of this. Not insisting that I am able to do this, but rather that I want to be able to do this. Just in saying that “I want to be able to do this,” we become more able to see the choices that will lead us forward along this path.
We tend to go in the direction we’re looking. When helping beginning drivers, I always tell them to focus on their own lane, to keep the car “centered” on the right-hand line, especially at night. If they start looking at the oncoming lane too often, they’ll drift that way without even realizing it. We go where we’re looking. So let’s work at having our eyes pointed towards a positive, healthy, and somewhat ambitious target!

With my whole heart,
I vow to become someone who can ceaselessly take care of all things
in every place and time
using the infinite discernment and penetrating wisdom of one mind.

제 마음을 다 바쳐서
한마음의 지혜로운 통찰력으로 법망에 걸림 없이
찰나찰나 일체 시방 삼세 다스리기에 승가야중이니라

2 thoughts on “The Seven Homages Day 16 – using the wisdom of one mind”

  1. I love this . . . hearts & smiles are emanating out from my soul right now.

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