Heart Sutra Day 17 – Leaving behind upside-down pointless dreams

Because this mind has no hindrances,
there is no fear.
Upside-down pointless dreams are
left behind,
and inherent,
eternally bright
supreme enlightenment
is attained.

마음에 걸림이 없는 고로 두려움이 없으며
뒤바뀐 헛된 꿈 같은 생각을 떠나서
본래부터 영원한 밝음의 구경에 이르렀나니라.

I love the expression, “leaving behind upside-down, pointless dreams”! That’s so vivid! Again, it’s not necessary to understand all aspects of these verses, just try to recite them a few times every days whenever you remember.

The goal here is to input these within you. As you do this, it’s like teaching the lives within you, and even though “you” don’t fully understand something, other parts of you will absorb the different nuances and be pointed in the right direction. Also, later when you are ready or really need this guidance, the words of the verse will pop into your consciousness.

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