Heart Sutra Day 16 – The one mind of a free person

Even though the celebrations had to be scaled down, there were still lanterns for the Buddha’s Birthday!

The one mind of a free person
circulates deep in the realm of nothingness,
free of all hindrances.

자유인의 한마음은
깊은 무無의 세계에 회전하며
일체 걸림이 없느니라.

I’m not sure what really needs to be said about this verse. In truth, it reminds me a bit of a similar verse from “Faith in Mind,” although there are likely issues of depth:

The Great Way is not difficult
for those who do not pick and choose.
When preferences are cast aside,
the Way stands clear and undisguised.

That said, getting caught up in such comparisons probably isn’t *quite* in tune with the spirit of either, lol. But, to put it another way, when you entrust everything to your foundation, you are free, or have at least started down that path. True freedom would also involve the ability to respond as needed, but freedom from being twisted about and shaken by the events and mental states of life would sure be a great start!

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