Day 134 – With one thought, evil karma disappears like dry grass in a fire

With one thought,
evil karma accumulated over endless eons disappears,
leaving nothing behind,
like dry grass in a fire.

백겁 천겁 쌓인 죄업 한생각에 사라지고, 마른풀이 불에 타듯 남김없이 소멸되네.

This is such an awesome verse! While when you start changing your thoughts, when you start entrusting things to your foundation and try to respond from that, you likely won’t see any instant changes. Most of the time, you’ll just realize later that things have changed, but you can’t quite pinpoint the moment that they did. You just know that now, things are different. But once in a while, it’s as if things reached critical mass, and all of a sudden, great burdens just start falling away. Old resentments or fears just collapse one after another, including things you didn’t even know you felt.

It really can feel like everything burned away and there’s nothing left. Though, in my experience, you should still be careful, because while it seems like so much stuff fell away, there’s often a tiny bit remaining. And if you aren’t careful in the kinds of thoughts you give rise to and dwell upon, that tiny bit will start to grow back. It will be like a seed crystal that your old garbage forms around and uses to grow back.

2 thoughts on “Day 134 – With one thought, evil karma disappears like dry grass in a fire”

    1. They are burning the memorial lists of deceased family members. I think this photo is from the Lunar New Year’s ceremony. We print these out when we have a large memorial ceremony to help the dead move forward, but afterwards, burn them to because even those names (and images) can keep someone from moving forward. (Because they no longer have that shape or name, and if they try to cling to it, they can’t move forward to new things.)

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