Day 133 – Repenting of ignorance

I now deeply repent of having been ignorant and deluded.

어리석은 큰 죄 오늘 참회합니다.

Interestingly, the Korean here leans towards “having been stupid, and done stupid things,” lol. Usually when we see “ignorance,” it means more not understanding the non-duality of all things. Ultimately, that amounts to the same thing, though. But, sometimes taking a narrower view and being as specific as possible helps us see what we were doing and not get get caught by it the next time it arises. So if there is something specific, some specific circumstances where you stumble, try to be as specific as possible as you can about repenting of it. And also be as harmonious as you can in viewing how you want to respond to it in the future. Hating ourselves doesn’t clear away a path for us.

If we clearly sense our connection to all beings, even the ones behaving badly, we couldn’t hurt or despise them. Sometimes, when we’re having a real problem dealing with someone, reminding ourselves that, “That’s what I used to look like when I didn’t know any better,” will really help our anger and resentment melt away. “Sigh, yeah.”

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