Day 128 – Repenting of the Ten Evil Actions – manipulating

“It wasn’t my fault!” creates an opposite, something other than me, that I had nothing to do with, and no connection to. But this isn’t true. Everything is connected as one, even that thing or event I don’t want anything to do with. This is not to say we should beat ourselves up or be harsh towards ourselves, just to accept that there is a connection there and that our behavior may not have been the wisest. When you feel regret, entrust the thought, “Next time, as that’s arising, I want to remember to entrust it *before* I respond.” So not just entrusting the idea that you want to behave better, but also that you want to remember to entrust it to your foundation.

(Repenting of the Ten Evil Actions)

I now deeply repent of having spoken manipulating words.

삿된 말한 큰 죄 오늘 참회합니다.

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