Day 70 – May we attain every kind of virtue

January 2020 New Year’s candlelight ceremony

The mantra for relying upon one mind (continued)

Sincerely entrusting everything to one mind,
determined to know the real and help all beings,
raising these great wishes:

May my samadhi wisdom swiftly brighten.

May I attain every kind of virtue.

May the blessings arising from my virtue guide and sustain all beings.

May all beings together attain Buddhahood.

4 thoughts on “Day 70 – May we attain every kind of virtue”

  1. Can you please explain this :” may all beings attain buddhahood together “? I can understand about these beings of my body, but i don’t see how all being can get enlightened together, even Buddha’s enlightenment didn’t make all eings enlightened, untill the end of the universe there will be unenlighted beings. Could you please explain why it is said like this? Just on Earth there are billions of people and most are insane, lol, habing all sorts of different opinions and doing weird things, how will they ever come to realize things to be harmonious?? In a billion years? I have liniar thinking right now, lol, can’t comprehend this. Saving yourself and all beings in your own body saves the universe – I am trying to understand this and i can’t at the moment

  2. Let’s see…, to start with, when we recite that, we’re not splitting ourselves off from other people, we’re not dividing ourselves into “me” and “them.” Further, as Kun Sunim said, inherently all beings are sharing the same life, so if I want to be free, they have to be free as well. I have to treat everyone as if they were a part of myself, I have to at least try to view them as part of myself because there’s nothing and no one I’m not connected to. So this vow also serves to remind me that this is the case, and that although people may have separate lives, and separate things they have to do, I won’t be able to free myself if I’m still looking at them dualistically. If I”m looking down upon them, if I’m looking up at them, I’m seeing them as apart from myself, when in fact, everything and everyone is one whole.

    To look at it from another perspective, if I’m thinking “I have to save myself, but not these other people, then the lives in my body will also mirror that, with some of them trying to exclude other lives. Given that they’re all in the same body, that would be a problem. “Okay liver, the arms and feet have decided we don’t need you!” Lol. The problems with that are true on the scale of the lives in your body, and on the scale of the world. So all together. Even if it doesn’t work that way or you get annoyed and forget, try to input that thought later, when you realize you were caught up in dualistic thinking.
    I hope this helps a bit!

    1. Thank you! But KunSunim and Buddhas said to save yourself first, you have to save lives within your body first, only then you can save other beings, there is no way to even help much untill you help yourself, that is all lives in your body. Although all and everything is my One Mind, I still have to save myself first, this is what KunSunim said very clearly, and exactly same thing is taught in Vajrayana ( Tibetan stuff). So when I read this text I get confused. KunSunim also said that when lives in your body get enlightened, they will go out and help all beings in the universe, same thing is said in Tibetan , that all beings in the universe are connected to the lives within your body. I get confused by this as i only vaguely understand it. It comes back to my question, KunSunim for example, got fully enlightened, but it didn’t make the people and animals in the world enlightemed. It helped me alot, but I didn’t get enlightened, i have to work at it myself. This phrase about all beings being enlightened together always bothered me, lol, because i can’t comprehemd it, i am trying to understand it, it’s the same in Tibetan and Korean teachings, and that sutra about Vimalakirti and Manjushri. I can see that all beings are one mind, that’s why you can feel other’s pain and their thoughts, but i can’t see how the together part works about getting free, because Buddha’s enlightment didn’t make all us enlightened. I would like to know this more clearly, because I can’t just repeat this without understanding, it’s like becoming disconnected, like idling and not moving, and i get stressed, lol.

      1. If that’s the only one you don’t understand, you’re doing great! Lol.

        If I look at my body, I have to say to the lives within, “We’re all in this together. We have to work together for us all to live.” True, right? It’s the same for a country and the world. We are all in it together, and so “Let’s all become Buddha’s together,” is reminding the lives that make “me” up of that. If it doesn’t click for you right now, that’s not a problem. Just entrust it inwardly, knowing that at some time in the future the meaning(s) will become clear to you.

        Do that with all the stuff you don’t understand. After a certain point, “understanding” becomes a trap, because it is bound (limited) by your own current level of development, and what we do understand is tied up with that, and not more advanced levels. So to deal with this, we take what we understand, make the best decisions we can, go forward as best we can, but still work at letting go and entrusting what we know and experience. That way, we can grow beyond the boundries of that framework, and move forward to new things that would have been incomprehensible at our previous level/state of existence.

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