Day 69 – Stages that are not stages

Kun Sunim sometimes used the expression “stages that aren’t stages” when talking about spiritual practice. In general, she was talking about the fact that there is stuff to learn, there is progress, there are steps in spiritual practice. But. Don’t get caught up in those. Don’t try to imagine that as some separate stage that you want to achieve, but haven’t. Or that you have attained, while there are others that haven’t.

Best to stick with the idea that there is stuff to learn, there is stuff that you can do better, but do that, do your best, while immediately letting go of any idea of “I’ve attained.” “I’ve gained.” “She or he hasn’t gotten that far.” As Kun Sunim often said, just keep letting go of what you know, of what you don’t know, (and what you think you know!)

The mantra for relying upon one mind, Juingong, which is itself the mind of all Buddhas

Mind, with uncountable stages that are not fixed stages.
I will pass through these and truly turn the great jewel of mind.

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