Day 41 – Upon meeting this great unshakable mind

Deluded thoughts of every kind,
when entrusted to our great unshakable mind,
will all melt away,
will all melt away.

Through mind, determination, and diligence
let me brighten and deepen my wisdom
and realize this great unshakable mind.

2 thoughts on “Day 41 – Upon meeting this great unshakable mind”

  1. My deluded thoughts pile up faster than I can entrust them, I don’t always even recognize them umtil I get caught up in them and create torment for myself. This flow is endless, how do I break free from these delusions and always have unshakable mind?

  2. You just keep entrusting them to your foundation. That’s all any of us can do. Entrust them without expectation of when they might end or how much is left, and just entrust them, trusting that your true nature, your foundation is taking care of you. When we do this, then we stop giving those thoughts extra energy, and we are creating a new, positive habit for the future.

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