Good news sort of day! New Book and Dharma talk series

The paper edition of “Like Lions Learning to Roar” is now available outside of Korea, through your local version of Amazon! (There’s an ebook too.)

This is two of our previous Korean-English editions, “Dancing on the Whirlwind” and “Turning Dirt into Gold,” combined into one English edition that’s easily available outside of Korea. There will be printed-in-Korea version of “Like Lions Learning to Roar” available here in Korea beginning sometime in the middle of next week (March 11th, plus or minus).

English Dharma talk series
As most of you probably know, I hold a series of English Dharma talks every Fall and Spring here in Anyang, and then post the studied text along with a re-recording of the topic on this blog.

Unless you’ve been in a coma, ala “28 Days Later,” (okay, maybe not the best example, all things considered!), you will have noticed that we have an unpleasant virus going around Korea, and all public gatherings are on hold.

I’m thinking that I’ll proceed more or less as I’d planned, perhaps changing the selections of Daehaeng Kun Sunim’s Dharma talks to better suit the current circumstances. That will probably start this Thursday, situation permitting. If you have any good suggestions, by all means, let me know! Also, let me know if you have any requests about the content.

Please take good care of yourselves these days!
Chong Go

2 thoughts on “Good news sort of day! New Book and Dharma talk series”

  1. Maybe you can do Dharma talks on YouTube. In the current situation with this virus causing problems on a global scale, maybe youtube dharma talk about it would be the most appropriate. In the book “Finding a way forward” there are couple pages that I read over and over, about making a desicion, about having the channel open, these things that KunSunim talks about in that Dharma talk are extremely important and can be making a huge difference if more people have access to and understanding of what she said. Also “the healing power of inner light” and “doctor is in”. If you could make dharma talks about this would be great and on YouTube so more people can see it. ( if you don’t wanna video of yourself, then just put any picture you want with the audio (i have software for that, i could do it)). Here in Toronto for example, there is uncomfortable energy all around right now, in the stores, on public transport, you can feel the stress and fear and unease due to this virus, this is happening around the world. Dharma talks about this current issue can be of great help. Thank you

  2. Oohh, that’s a great idea about putting up a photo with the audio! I was thinking that it would be really boring to have me sit in front of a camera and talk, but that would be a nice way to work with the audio. I’m actually just finishing up a very nice two and a half page text about this topic, so I’ll probably have the text and regular audio up by Friday(?).

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