New Dharma talks available outside of Korea! (In ebook format)

Alright! We’ve reached the first stage of publishing a new collection of Kun Sunim’s Dharma talks outside of Korea!

These were previously published in Korea as bilingual editions, titled “Turning Dirt into Gold” and “Dancing on the Whirlwind.” What I really like about this edition is that it’s easily available outside of Korea. (Well, okay, I think the title is kind of cool too!)

This edition of the English text is titled “Like Lions Learning to Roar,” and is available as an ebook through most online stores. I thought I’d just copied a plain link, but if you click on the image, you can also preview the book. Kind of neat!

We’re working on the paper edition, but it will take another month or two, because we are still waiting on some cataloguing info from the National Library of Korea, and because it will take a while to get sample copies from overseas to ensure the quality of the paper edition. So please be patient if you want a paper copy. It’s coming!

3 thoughts on “New Dharma talks available outside of Korea! (In ebook format)”

  1. I love these books, I read them over and over again, I put bookmark sticker on extra important sentences and it helps to absorb it. For me these books are not just valuable teachings, it is like nutrition, I need it and I love it, precious necessity. And I like those books with Korean, for me it is better as I often look up original words. Thank you. When you have new translations, let me know right away please!!

  2. I just clicked on the book’s preview. Because I already have these books I didn’t think of clicking on a preview. The foreword I just read.. I couldn’t hold tears, thank you for writing it, it was so helpful (and I love learning these things about KunSunim ! that definitely makes sense to me)

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