The Daejangbu Project – Lucid Living

This week’s talk looked at the idea of fearlessness and lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming might not be the first thing you think of, but it’s got some nice overlap, because of the fearlessness that arises when we understand that it’s a dream and can’t truly hurt us.

It also teaches people to stop and actually be aware of exactly what’s going on at any random moment. And so the exercises are a nice inspiration for stopping and just checking in with ourselves.

the audio recording of the Dharma talk for week 2 of the Daejangbu Project – Lucid Living

Lucid Dreaming (자각몽),
Lucid Living

At random times during the day, just stop and try to ask yourself the first two questions, along with a few of the others. Keep doing this, and see if you can also do it in your dreams.

Am I awake right now?
Am I dreaming now?

Am I entrusting this situation to true nature?
My true nature, this fundamental Buddha-essence can take care of me.

What can I learn from this?
This is all flowing, so it can all be changed.

(further questions for awareness and letting go)

What am I worried about right now?
What have I been thinking about?
What am I feeling?
Where am I hurting?

What am I seeing?

What am I hearing?

(Remember, always interpret dreams positively! Even if it seems difficult, find a positive view, because everything is flowing and reacting to the thoughts we give rise to. ) 

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