The Daejangbu Project – Week 1

Whoohoo! We’ve started! The new Dharma talk series is underway! It’s looking like it’s going to be an interesting series. Here’s the audio for the first Dharma talk!

These are recorded the day after the talk, in only English. At the Thursday night talk, I use a mix of Korean and English to make sure everyone is following along. I don’t have a script, other than the topic of the evening, so the recorded talk may be a little different from the evening talk.

The Daejangbu Project – Week 1 Dharma talk

Here’s a fancy version of the Korean song version of “A Great Being”

A Great Being

Go forward leaving behind no traces of yourself.
Become a great being,
who refuses not a single thing,
while viewing all things positively.
Become a great being,
who unconditionally embraces everything,
free of ideas of getting rid of or holding on to,
who doesn’t try to block what comes, *
nor cling to what leaves.
Become a great being,
neither stained by the things of the world,
nor clutching at them.
Become a great being,
who is the most ordinary person,
yet also the most extraordinary. 

* The Korean word here translated as “what comes” and “what leaves” is 인연, that is, karmic affinity. So the text is really saying “who doesn’t trying to block coming karmic affinity, not cling to karmic affinity that’s leaving.” I quite like this nuance, as it implies that what’s coming and going is something we’ve contributed towards. I’m torn about adding it to the written version because it seems to break up the flow.

아무 자취도 남기지 않는 발걸음으로 걸어가라
닥치는 모든 일에 대해 
어느 것 하나 마다하지 않고 
긍정하는 대장부가 돼라
버린다 안버린다 하는 마음이 아니라
오는 인연 막지 않고 
가는 인연 붙잡지 않는
대수용의 대장부가 돼라
일체의 것에 물들거나
집착하지 않는 대장부가 돼라
가장 평범하면서도 
가장 비범한 
대장부가 돼라

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