No Matter What Your Need Is – Daehaeng Sunim’s Dharma talk


Here’s a nice, short Dharma talk about our connection with all things, and some of the implications. 

No Matter What Your Need Is

Your Juingong is one with everything.
Through it, you are connected to your ancestors,
the Buddhas, and unenlightened beings.
It connects you to the spirit of trees, and the spirits of the earth,
it connects you to dragon spirits
as well as everything else,
so whatever help you need,
whatever circumstances you find yourself in,
completely entrust the whole thing to your foundation,
with a quiet “thank you.”
Do it like this,
for a single thought handled unwisely
can multiply into a thousand evil seeds,
and plunge your family into chaos.
Yet the same thought, returned to this inherent foundation,
can become a thousand good seeds,
and create a comfortable, pleasant life.

— Daehaeng Kun Sunim

This connection doesn’t flow just in one direction. Physicists tell us that matter and energy are constantly switching places, and just like this, the energy of our intentions, when deeply input, becomes the matter of the world around us. Born as human beings, we now have the ability to affect the world around us through this connection and the intentions we input. This is a huge step up from being forced to either passively accept our conditions, hoping something else changes them, or else running away, trying to find a better place. Now we have the ability to change where we are, right now. Let’s all draw a better future, one where people live together wisely and harmoniously. 

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