Blog changes

금황 눈I hope the new year has been finding everyone well! Things here are proceeding along; we’re still working on translating Daehaeng Kun Sunim’s edition of the Diamond Sutra, as well as a couple of great talks about health and healing. Kind of looking forward to seeing those in print!

I realized that I haven’t done anything with the blog for quite a while, so I’m changing the theme, as well as reposting some excellent posts from long ago. Please bear with me! There may be few hiccups as I get this sorted out. As we approach the lunar new year, may your families all be healthy and happy, and may all your worries about health and finances soften and turn out well!

with palms together,
Chong Go

2 thoughts on “Blog changes”

  1. Dear Chonggo Sunim,

    From time to time I come back to your blog and invariably come away with some wonders.

    Deep bows.

    Please keep it going.


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