Gathering Together: Finding a New Hope, Week 3


(Here’s the audio file for this talk.)

Notice the similarities to last week’s topic? Not only does the way we use our mind affect other people, it also affects the people and situations that are drawn into our life. What things in your life seem to follow you across the years and circumstances? 

This is Daehaeng Kun Sunim’s answer to a woman who asked whether she should leave her husband or not. Kun Sunim saw that the answer to her problem wasn’t quite so straight forward. 

“Let me begin by saying that your current spiritual level is the result of how you’ve lived in your previous lives, and this level naturally brings people of the same level to you. So, getting married to a person does not occur by chance. If there were 10 people in the  world who had the same spiritual level as you, one of them would be who you chose to marry.

Of course, there are many people at each level of spirituality, but you’re going to meet the ones most similar to your level.

So, if you want to change your “destiny” or “fate,” you have to change your current level. Raise your level to that of a free person. Even if you left your current situation and found another husband, you would meet someone who is on exactly the same level. Your shadow will keep arriving ahead of you.
You’ll keep meeting the same sorts of people. This is true for both men and women. If you really want to free yourself from the suffering this is creating, parting from the person is not the answer.

Instead, you should remind yourself, “Every single encounter I have, everything I go through, is possible because I am here to be part of it. I have to be here in order for there to be “others.” So, no matter what I experience, those results are only possible because I am there participating. This is true now, it was true in the past, and it will be the case in the future.” And then entrust everything you are confronting, along with this teaching, to your Juingong.
What you did, how you lived in the past was automatically input into your foundation, so when you add new input like this teaching, that too will be automatically recorded there, and when you keep practicing like this, it overwrites and erases what was previously there.

However, if you try to escape from your situation by leaving each other, you still won’t be free from the underlying causes of it all. To be free from the past input that is the source of this, you have to fix the problem right there, where you are confronting it. Otherwise, no matter where you go, the same problem will always follow you. If you do not address the problem in the moment you are confronting it, how can you expect it to be fixed?

How can you expect things to be different in other places?

The only way is for you, yourself, to take what’s coming out and keep returning it back inside.”

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