Children’s Dharma Talk

I really have to get with posting again! Sigh.  Things have been busy here with getting a manuscript ready for Wisdom Publications, and now the the Frankfurt Bookfair.  It also looks like there will be a Russian edition of “No River to Cross” coming out before the end of the year.
Here’s a Dharma talk that Daehaeng Kun Sunim gave to out center’s childrens group.

Children’s Dharma Talk  

The Gugeong Pagoda on Buddha's Birthday (at Hanmaum Seon Center)

I can’t tell you how moved I am to see so many of you gathered together here today. Seeing you here today warms my heart. I was just like you when I was little. People may call you children, but you’re doing something very deep and significant when you gather here in front of the Buddha and learn about spiritual practice.

 You’re practicing, so you probably already heard that the minds of all life are connected as one. Stars have an essence that is also within us, so all of you are stars! You, stars, and this fundamental mind all respond to each other. This all happens without any wires or signals you can grab onto. When you eat something, and say “Thank you, Juingong (Buddha-nature)” your mother and father, Buddha, and sunims are all there inside of Juingong. When you take the things that come up in your life, and gather them all together at that one place, (Juingong), you can get a sense of this fundamental essence and can evolve your mind. Do this and bring forth this great power that’s within you.

             Keep practicing like this and become wonderful people. Become great beings who are able to bring peace to your family, who can guide your country, the world, and even the universe. This is all possible for you, according to how you practice. Okay?

 This Dharma talk was given by Daehaeng Kun Sunim during a Precepts ceremony for children.  

5 thoughts on “Children’s Dharma Talk”

    1. Hi Barry,
      I was a bit worried that this being a “children’s” Dharma talk would depress everyone! I was asked to translate this, and I was kind of thinking, “Holy ****!” Can you imagine having had this kind of awareness about how to practice as a child?!

      (Daehaeng Sunim wouldn’t have spoken like this unless they were able to follow her.)

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