sunrise at Yeonju-dae

This is my last weekend in the Seoul area before I move back to the countryside with my family.

Something I’ve been wanting to do for a while before I go was too see the sunrise from the top of Gwanak mountain, so last night I hiked to Yeonju-dae and spend a chilly night in my tent waiting for morning.

A thick fog came in during the night, so I wasn’t sure I would even get to see the sunrise, but it just managed to shine through.

In the top photo, if you were to follow a trail past the broadcasting towers, then up and down (or around) another small mountain, you can actually come out not far from Hanmaum Seon Center.

clicking on the photos will open them in higher res.

3 thoughts on “sunrise at Yeonju-dae”

  1. what a great idea!

    in this damp everything looks so unreal. a pic of ‘between’.
    i know kind of this atmosphere from the Lago Maggiore; when fog rises from it Rinpoche says, the dragons awake.

  2. wow, worth the wait. what a wonderful way to end your stay there. a small symbolic act, I think. reminds me that I don’t do this kind of honouring and transitional, ceremonial thing often enough.

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