Yoga benefit for Japan – Metta

Next week, Nat from A Summer Day in the City of Angels will be offering a series of yoga classes as part of a fundraiser for quake victims in Japan. This will start Tuesday the 22nd and runs through the 30th; all the proceeds will be used to help victims in Japan. See the link above for details

Although this will be held in Bangkok, I’m writing about it because
A) it’s a good cause,
B) Nat is an incredible yoga teacher,
and C) hopefully, her generosity will inspire others to similar acts.

I’d also like to ask everyone to please keep the people of Japan in your thoughts, and raise as much metta for them as you can. Please remember the workers at the nuclear plant, and deeply input the thought that the situation there should settle down and be resolved without any further problems.

with palms together,
Chong Go Sunim

(Here are some slightly fuzzy shots of Nat’s studio at the Aryasom Villa.
If you’re going to be in Thailand sometime, be sure to check out her classes. She’s great, and the fee is very reasonable.)








Marcus and Nat after class


7 thoughts on “Yoga benefit for Japan – Metta”

  1. LOL! I am very very sure about (B)!

    Thank you Nat for this amazing fundraising effort, and thank you so much too Chong Go Sunim for letting everyone here know about it.

    And thank you too for the encouragement to us all to keep Japan and the current crisis in mind, to send metta and to input those good wishes.

    With palms together (and wishing I could join more of those great yoga lessons!),


  2. there is advice from Dalai Lama to recite Heart Sutra for Japan

    Also sometimes things get worse before they get better, so with that thought I entrust everything unconditionally to my foundation – that is hardest thing to do, at least for me, but I think it is the best thing to do, entrusting unconditionally, while helping with material things and kind thoughts.

  3. That is beautiful Nat, thank you!

    I will unite my spirit with this effort and send endless metta to all in need… ♡

    Thanks for posting this Chong Go!

  4. what a wonderful idea. And just on looking to Nat’s studio, you feel good…!

    All the best wishes for everyone!


  5. Thank you for you good wishes. On 1st April I passed donation to T-J charity group. It was 7901.75bahts. I’m very happy about that.

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