Sunday Photo; Bell on the temple eaves, Beomeosa

I feel like the bells are ringing all around the world right now.

I finally started to understand Daehaeng Kun Sunim’s meaning of entrusting. I’ve stopped paying much attention to the news, it doesn’t feel like there’s a whole lot of concern in the news for a good outcome, but merely sensationalizing the situation and creating panic. I know there’s a whole lot going on in the world, the best I can do is intrust that my intentions for everything to be well, and keep going in my life.

Chong Go Sunim once told us that if you know something bad is going to happen, it’s better not to add to it by just talking about it, but instead to entrust it and know that it will be taken care of. He added that Daehaeng Kun Sunim once said, “Before there was the nuclear bomb [or nuclear power, or demonstrations, if I may add] there was mind.” It would be much more useful to entrust the situation to our fundamental mind right now than to get caught up in the panic.

I’ve been sending many thoughts of Metta to the engineers working in Japan. I feel they are truly Bodhisattvas. They aren’t doing this only for their families, or the Japanese people, but potentially all sentient beings on this planet. What ever their fate may be, may the merit of their sacrifice carry them a great way!

At the risk of sounding like a cheese ball, I’ve been thinking about the Mayan prophecy that now would be a time of great change. The reason I’m not too shy to share that is, well, change isn’t exactly a foreign concept to Buddhism. There is always change, so it’s always a good time to practice, but maybe now more people may start paying attention!

8 thoughts on “Sunday Photo; Bell on the temple eaves, Beomeosa”

  1. As so often you put in words what i feel and think, Joseph!
    thank you…

    These firemen are truly heroes and yes, they must be Bodhisattvas. With gratitude i deeply bow to them

    and i come out as another cheese ball;)
    when i read that the axis of the Earth had been adjusted by the earthquake, i remembered a book about Mayan prophecy. but it seemed it couldn’t happen what was said there , as the axis of the Earth was slightly turning different so far…
    times of change, always.

    1. I agree Evelyn, that those workers are Bodhisattvas. I keep asking for hanmaum juingong to help protect them and all beings and mother earth.

      I too no longer listen to the news except to see how things are fairing so that I can keep entrusting what I hear, see and feel. I feel like if we can all place a big bubble of love and peace around Japan and the earth, then anger/conflict/fear will dissipate and change can come harmoniously and with little to no suffering…

      Thank you, Joseph, for your posting. I would like to include a beautiful prayer (IMO) that I received from a Japanese Monk:

      A Japanese Monk Sent this Prayer Request

      The damage of the earthquake in Japan is devastating.
      Unable to cool down the reactor, we are facing a possibility of nuclear
      plant explosion.
      Please join our prayer. Feel free to forward this prayer request to anyone.
      It would be great if more people can pray.

      Here is a translation of a message/oracle from the Ise Shrine in Japan:

      After sunset we need strong power of prayer.
      Please let me deliver the message to as many as possible.
      We can stop this earthquake with our prayers, but right now the nuclear
      plant is in danger.

      Please heal the suffering, sadness, anger, worry about nuclear
      Please do not think that this accident will bring justice.

      Please care for each other.
      The energy toward conflict and fight is also fueling the things happening
      right now.
      Please stop the conflict and stop the fight and change the worrying voice
      to the power of prayer.
      Please pray that as many people as possible can be saved.

      We will be O.K.
      If our hearts start connecting with each other the earth will be healed.

      There are the sounds/vibrations that can release the karma of earth.
      Anyone who can make a prayer sound, anyone who can do reiki,
      anyone who can do long distance healing,
      please direct your energy to the center of Japan .
      The exact location is above the Hachiro gata, Akita Prefecture .

      If you can sing, please sing.
      Humming is fine too.
      Let the earth listen to the sound.

      Please send gratitude to the earth.
      If mother earth wakes up, everything will stop.
      The word Song/Sing writes in Japanese Kanji – small possibilities
      support a big lack.
      Please send your prayer to the Earth to wake up the Spirit.

      I will be in meditation after the sunset.
      I will pray for the light shining in the sky even in the darkness.
      May everyone be safe.
      Thank you for supporting my heart at this very difficult time.
      Gratitude for our life.

  2. mayan prophesy is not really prophesy, with proper research you’ll see there is nothing there at all. Mayan culture had some evil elememts to it like human sacrifice and horrible cruelties, culture like that cannot really have profound wisdom, with all due respect to Mayan culture, some people blew out of proportion their so called prophesy without even proper research.
    I remember Chernobyl disaster, which was not an accident, but a crime organized by certain people, but that is not the point, I remember those young soldiers who were first to respond working with their bare hands, and how many volunteered to work in that radiation knowing that they will not live even to next day. And I remember radiactive rain over my city too, and people always say things like end of the world, they set dates and spread rumours and panic then nothing happens and then somebody finds some other date and it goes on for centuries the same thing. Everone has their own end of the world when their life ends one way or the other.
    Japanese engineers should’ve thought better to put nuclear stations over geological faults and also the company has a history of cover up of mistakes and lies. Very simple.
    It is always a good time to practice, but maybe such terrible things happen so people would start pay attention, however majority never do.
    Maybe watching a bit of news is also could be part of practice, if you know what is going on in the world, you could use your mind to maybe tilt the situation toward more positive outcome, or at least wish to do so.

      1. ok, I am not an expert on Mayan civilization. You mentioned about finally starting to understand the meaning of entrusting, and I noticed that it happens when you feel somewhat trapped, then instead of going outside for solutions or desires, you have one option left – to go inward and entrusting. I don’t know if I expressed my thoughts here right. Have you read, for example, the book “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch?
        I mean if your own world is on a brink of change or danger or uncertainty at every moment, you start really practice, because that is the only straw you have, that kind of practice is maybe intense and not pleasant, but after a while you see results that are worthwhile (maybe it somewhat similar to giving birth, because practise with mind is like giving birth to yourself, your true self)
        Anyway, I totally agree with “It would be much more useful to entrust the situation to our fundamental mind right now than to get caught up in the panic”, yet for me personally it is very difficult, I think if you can do it properly and completely it is just truly wonderful. (It is easier, for some reason, to do with situations when you are not directly and immidietly involved)

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