The Foundation of Spiritual Practice

For practitioners, there’s no such thing as a new year,
yet from time to time,
it’s worthwhile to reflect upon how
we can meet the demands of the world this body lives in
and to think about how we can go forward with wisdom and generosity.

The birth of this body is not our birth.
Our birth starts with this fundamental mind,
which has existed before our flesh.
Whether something arises from others,
or arises from within,
knowing that it is all being done by this Buddha-essence
is the foundation of spiritual practice.

If you use your body with a little care and concern
you won’t end up ruining this temporary house of yours.
Likewise, if we make just a small change in how we use our minds,
we can cure even the Earth.
Then, even when you think you’re doing something for yourself,
it actually ends up benefiting others.
Everyone and every thing are all working together,
so if you can help people live accordingly,
you’ll bring harmony, laughter, and love to your entire family.

Be sincere!
If you’re sincere, steadfast, and genuine,
there’s no reason for our life to be overly difficult.
Be wise, peaceful, and positive in your thinking.
This life lasts for only a season,
don’t be stupid in how you spend it.
If you would truly learn the teachings of the Buddha,
empty yourself while remaining upright,
remain upright while emptying yourself,
and harmoniously gather everything together in one place.
This is our true path.

      — Daehaeng Kun Sunim
copyright 2011, the Hanmaum Seonwon Foundation

2 thoughts on “The Foundation of Spiritual Practice”

  1. Gorgeous. Thank you Chong Go Sunim, and thank you Kun Daehaeng Sunim!

    And see you in Bangkok bright and early tomorrow morning Chong Go Sunim!

    Marcus _/\_

  2. this is sooo GREAT!

    and i hope Bangkok will hold ready some of these beautiful dewdrops for you when you meet early tomorrow morning…

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